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Mehr has been acting since her childhood and took to the national stage early on in her career. Starting
with classical singing, theatre and live performances she won many regional awards and participated in
arts and cultural festivals across Asia; including the Rafi Peer Theater Festival and the Faiz Festival which
are close to her heart. Mehr completed her formal education in Australia, with a Bachelors in Media
Studies and has since lived and worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

She is proud of her South Asian and Persian heritage and is passionate about inclusion and
representation in film and storytelling.

Mehr is also an expert in digital marketing and creative production; having worked in the industry for
more than a decade.

Mehr now enjoys a growing career as an actress and writer in scripted film and television ranging from experimental short films
to writing her own original screenplays which have been officially selected and awarded at International
Film Festivals. She will often return to perform at the theatre to stay close to her community, which she
credits for much of her acting and life skills.

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